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The Punjab Board of Technical Education (PBTE) conducts diploma-level technical education programs across the province of Punjab, Pakistan. One of the most popular programs they offer is the Diploma of Associate Engineer (DAE), which is a 2-3-year intermediate-level qualification in various technical fields.

PBTE DAE Past Papers

We have summed up all the previous papers of DAE so DAE students can easily get them and prepare for their next exam. This post provides almost all past papers of PBTE and DAE. You can easily read and download them using direct download buttons.

These papers provide examples of the scope and difficulty level of the annual exams, including the type and distribution of questions. Looking through past papers is useful for understanding the exam format and what kinds of concepts and formulas are likely to be tested.

Importance Of PBTE/DAE Past Papers

There are several key reasons why going through past papers is beneficial for DAE students:

  • Identify Important Topics – Past papers show which topics and chapters are emphasized more in the exams each year. Students can focus their studying accordingly.
  • Gauge Difficulty Level – Students get an idea of the depth and difficulty of questions to expect. This helps with self-assessing preparation levels.
  • Practice Test Technique – Solving past papers under exam conditions improves timing, pacing and, the ability to handle different question types efficiently.
  • Revise Frequently Asked Concepts – Certain concepts appear repeatedly in past papers, hinting at their importance. Students should review these thoroughly.
  • Compare Performance – After attempting past papers, gaps in understanding and weaker areas are revealed. More focus can then be placed on these during revisions.
  • Boost Confidence – Tackling past papers boosts confidence by helping students feel more prepared for question styles seen before.

Overall, DAE past papers are essential study resources that provide realistic exam preparation.

DAE Civil Past Papers
DAE Civil Past Papers


DAE Civil Past Papers

1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year

Applied Chemistry Advanced Surveying Advanced Surveying
Applied Mathematics Applied Mathematics Concrete Technology and RCC Design
Applied Physics Building Construction Environmental Technology
Basic Engineering Drawing Civil Engineering Drawing and Auto Cad Hydraulics and Irrigation
Basic Surveying Communication Skills & Report Writing Islamyat and Pakistan Studies
Engineering Materials & Construction Islamyat and Pakistan Studies Occupational Health and Safety Environment
English Mechanics of Structures Project Management
Islamyat and Pakistan Studies Public Health Soil Mechanics and Bridge Engineering
Workshop Practice Quantity Surveying Transportation Engineering


DAE Electrical Past Papers
DAE Electrical Past Papers

DAE Electrical Past Papers

1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year

Applied Chemistry Applied Physics AC Machines
Applied Mathematics Applied Mathematics Business Communication
Computer Application in Business Basic Electronics Digital and Industrial Electronics
Engineering Materials & Construction Business Management and Industrial Economic Industrial Management and Human Relations
English DC Machines and Batteries Islamiyat and Pakistan Studies
Islamiyat and Pakistan Studies Electrical Instruments and Measurements Power Plants and Energy Conservation
Workshop Practice Mechanics of Structures Repair and Maintenance of Electrical Equipment
Installation Planning and Estimating Telecommunication
Islamiat and Pakistan Studies Transmission Distribution and Protection of Electric
Utilization of Electrical EngerEnergy


AE Electronics Past Papers
AE Electronics Past Papers

AE Electronics Past Papers

1st Year

Applied Chemistry
Applied Mathematics
Applied Physics
Computer Fundamentals
Electrical Circuits
Electronics Devices
Islamyat and Pakistan Studies


DAE Mechanical
DAE Mechanical

DAE Mechanical Past Papers

1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year

Applied Chemistry Applied Electricity and Electronics Applied Thermodynamics
Applied Mathematics Applied Mathematics Civil Engineering Drawing and Auto Cad
Applied Physics Applied Physics CNC Machines
Basic Engineering Drawing Business Management and Industrial Economic Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machines
Computer Application in Business Business Communication Industrial Management and Human Relations
Safety Practices and Procedures Civil Engineering Drawing and Auto Cad Islamiat and Pakistan Studies
Islamyat and Pakistan Studies Islamiat and Pakistan Studies Industrial Planning and Production Methods
English Metrology Machine Desing & Analysis
Workshop Practice Metallurgy Material Testing and Heat Treatment
Workshop Practice Tool and Mould Design

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Q. How many years of past papers are typically available?

A. Most examination boards maintain past papers for the last 5-10 years online. Some key subjects may have papers going back over a decade. W have tried our best to upload all available papers

Q. Where can I find PBTE past papers for my specific subject?

A. Check out the above given tables using them you can easily download dae past papers by department and year.

Q. What if I can’t find past papers for my subject or year?

A. If you have not got your desired papers please let us know in the comment box, We’ll upload them as soon as possible.


In this blog post, I tried to provide you with all the past papers related to DAE & PBTE. Feel free to check any of the provided links or add your own additional questions in the comments! I’ve aimed to make this post informative and tried to provide you with a direct pdf download link to dae past papers in PDF format, please let me know if any part needs more stuff.

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