Complete EMIS Code List PDF Download

EMIS Code List

EMIS Code List is a unique list of 8-digit identification number given to all registered educational institutions in Pakistan. This in-depth post explains everything you need to know about EMIS codes, how they work, and their importance.

What is an EMIS Code?

EMIS stands for Education Management Information System – a centralized database maintained by Pakistan’s Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training. An 8-digit EMIS code (XX-XX-XXXX) is assigned to each recognized school, college or university when they register with the Ministry.

The code contains critical information like:

  • Province (first 2 digits)
  • District (next 2 digits)
  • Unique serial number (last 4 digits)
For Example, 31-02-0023 represents Balochistan (31), Killa Abdullah (02) district and the 23rd registered institution in that area.

Why Are EMIS Codes Important?

EMIS codes serve several important purposes:

Uniquely Identify Institutions: No two institutions have the same code, preventing identity fraud.
Government Record Keeping: Updating details with the EMIS code helps the Ministry conduct effective educational planning, resource allocation and data collection nationwide.
Student Applications: Many application forms for scholarships, admissions or exams require the applicant’s institution EMIS code for verification purposes.
Education Statistics: Compiling EMIS data aids research on enrollment trends, spending, infrastructure and more to guide policy decisions.
Funding & Accreditation: International organizations and donors often refer to the EMIS database before disbursing aid to verify project locations.

So in essence, EMIS codes function as official identifiers for educational institutions within Pakistan’s national education system.

EMIS Code Format

Let’s examine the EMIS code structure in more depth:

XX – Represents the 2-digit Province Code. For example, Punjab is 36, Sindh is 73, KP is 17 etc.

XX – Denotes the 2-digit District Code within the above mentioned province.

XXXX – Is a unique 4-digit serial number assigned sequentially as institutions register in that district.

Some Examples of actual Codes:

31-02-0023 = Balochistan, Killa Abdullah district, 23rd institution
17-05-0087 = KP, Swabi district, 87th school
73-02-0045 = Sindh, Dadu district, 45th college

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How To Find Your Institution’s EMIS Code

If you need to find the EMIS code of your current/past school or college, try the following:

– Check school/college records, admissions documents or previous exam forms
– Ask the administration or registrar’s office
– Download from our website by click given download button.
– Contact the District Education Authority

EMIS Code List PDF Download

You can download the complete list of EMIS codes from the following download button


It’s important students and staff are familiar with their institution’s correct 8-digit EMIS code for all official documentation and correspondence with educational bodies.

I hope this in-depth guide helped explain everything you need to know about EMIS codes in Pakistan. Let me know if any part needs further clarification.

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